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BigBlueButton is a global video chat platform built as Free Software. It was developed in a school, not in a boardroom. Making it the only virtual classroom built from the ground up. BBB is available in 65 languages and teachers all over the world have contributed to its design. Along with a global network of developers and companies providing commercial support, BigBlueButton is continuously evolving to meet the new real-world needs of teachers everywhere.

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Pricing: Free
License: LGPL-3.0
Sectors: All
Languages: Afrikaans,Arabic,Argentinian Spanish,Azerbaijani,Brazilian Portuguese,British English,Catalan,Colombian Spanish,Czech,Dutch,English,Esperanto,Estonian,French,Irish,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Lithuanian,Mexican Spanish,Nicaraguan Spanish,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Serbian,Simplified Chinese,Slovak,Slovenian,Spanish,Swedish,Thai,Traditional Chinese,Turkish,Ukrainian,Venezuelan Spanish,Vietnamese
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